Alliance Lima vs.  Sporting Cristal: the goals of Waldir Sáenz to the celestes

GOLPERU LIVE | Alliance Lima vs. Sporting Cristal They face LIVE online for the first leg of League 1, at the National Stadium in Lima. The best teams of the year face each other in a reserved forecast match that will have, as one of its main attractions, the return of the fan to the stands of the José Díaz colossus.

The commitment between those from La Victoria and those from Rímac began with many emotions in both goals, with Marcos Riquelme being the first to warn, clearly, in the rival goal, executing a shot that would later be rejected by Ángelo Campos.

The first goal of Alliance Lima vs. Sporting Cristal He would arrive about 33 minutes into the match, after a great cue clearance by Wilmer Aguirre, leaving Hernán Barcos well positioned to move the ball and define in a great way, before the hurried departure of goalkeeper Alejandro Duarte.

In the second half of the match, the celestial ones advanced lines in search of equality. Roberto Mosquera looked at the bench and decided to bring in Alejandro Hohberg and Johan Madrid, with the order of answering the variants prepared by Carlos Bustos, who had sent Jefferson Farfán and Ricardo Lagos into the ring.

Alliance Lima vs. Sporting Cristal: that’s how they formed

Lima Alliance: Angelo Campos; Oslimg Mora, Jefferson Portales, Pablo Míguez, Yordy Vílchez; Édgar Benítez; Josepmir Ballón, Oswaldo Valenzuela; Jairo Concha; Wilmer Aguirre and Hernán Barcos.

Sporting Crystal: Alejandro Duarte; Jhilmar Lora, Gianfranco Chávez, Omar Merlo, Nilson Loyola; Jesús Castillo, Horacio Calcaterra, Christofer Gonzales; Írven Ávila, Percy Liza and Marcos Riquelme.

Alliance Lima vs. Sporting Cristal: minute by minute

Alliance Lima vs. Sporting Cristal: the preview

The squad led by Carlos Bustos managed to reach Phase 2, while the Bajopontinos – led by Roberto Mosquera – won Phase 1 of the national championship, so both arrive in a fair way to the match that will define the next Peruvian soccer monarch .

The Victorian team achieved 16 victories and is the team that lost the fewest times in the contest: only two (both were against the celestial ones). Now, another important detail in the intimate squad is that they received the fewest goals: only 17. Roberto Mosquera’s group, on the other hand, has the best goal quota: they record 59 goals. Yes, there will be a great duel and with different proposals.

Alliance Lima vs. Sporting Cristal It is agreed to start this Sunday the 21st from 3 pm, in a reserved forecast commitment. Be careful, on Sunday 28 the second leg of League 1 will be held. It will also be held at the National Stadium.

Alliance Lima vs. Sporting Cristal: where to watch the game for free?

Alliance Lima vs. Sporting Cristal It will be broadcast through the GOLPERU signal, a channel that has the rights of the local championship. But It will also provide you with a great alternative so that you do not miss a single detail of the commitment, putting at your disposal the preview of the match, the minute by minute of it and the post-match, where you will find the statements of the protagonists.

Alliance Lima vs. Sporting Cristal: how do the teams arrive?

Lima Alliance He comes from winning Phase 2, where he had one of his main figures in Hernán Barcos. The ‘Pirate’ not only contributed with his experience, but also with his records. He was the team’s top scorer with nine goals and also the one with the best number of assists: eight.

This is what the attacker mentioned about the final: “We, since February or March, when we started working, have not made an excuse. We started playing with 14 days of preparation. One of the things that Alianza has not done is make excuses, despite the cons we have had. The most important thing is that we have a united group committed to the club”.

Sporting CrystalFor his part, although he did not manage to maintain the rhythm in the second half of the year, it is clear that Roberto Mosquera knows his team perfectly. They won Phase 1 and the Bicentennial Cup. In addition, the two times they were measured against intimates, they kept all three points.

Despite this last detail, Jhilmar Lora – a key player on the right wing and with minutes in the Peruvian National Team – stated that “there are no favorites in the final and less against Lima Alliance. It is a strong team and they have had a great year, they have shown it”.

Alliance Lima vs. Sporting Cristal: what time is the game?

  • Peru: 15:00
  • Colombia: 15:00
  • Ecuador: 15:00
  • Bolivia: 16:00
  • Paraguay: 16:00
  • Venezuela: 16:00
  • Chile: 17:00
  • Brazil: 17:00
  • Argentina: 17:00
  • Uruguay: 17:00

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Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal are the stars of the Betsson League 1 finals. Next, remember the goals that Waldir Sáenz scored in these types of matches.

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