Epic earned nearly $ 10 billion last year.  The documents from the dispute with Apple revealed this

The long-running battle between Epic Games, Fortnite-creator, and leading application store operators is not over. On the contrary. Google decided to sue the company this week, more than a year after Epic Games sued him. The reason is the same as in the studio’s legal dispute with Apple, namely the circumvention of the payment system in Fortnite, so that the creators do not have to pay a commission to Google.

The court document has 43 pages in which Google describes how Epic Games activated hidden code in Fortnit, thanks to which they managed not to pay a 30% commission on the Play Store, which is a requirement for using the store. This is the same situation that should have occurred in the App Store.

Google believes that the company has violated the signed agreement and unjustifiably enriched itself. Epic Games also accuses them of launching a negative campaign against Google, in which they tried to come out of the whole situation as a victim. Last but not least, the lawsuit states that the studio never intended to meet the conditions, endangering both Google and its customers.

As a result, no one won

Epic Games embarked on a battle with Google and Apple last summer, saying that both companies control their stores too much and at the same time impose nonsensical restrictions on how applications can work. However, the studio saw the biggest problem in the fees, when almost one third of the commission made from all transactions made on the App Store and Google Play must be paid.

Epic then sued Apple and Google, after which Apple filed its own lawsuit against the creator of Fortnite. We learned a partial result of this dispute at the beginning of September, the court ruled in favor of Apple, according to which the removal of Fortnit from the App Store was justified due to a breach of conditions. He also ordered Epic Games to pay $ 3 million.

But it wasn’t such a victory for Apple. The court also said the California company had to allow alternative payment systems, which ultimately led to both Epic Games and Apple appealing against the decision.

The new lawsuit is quite possibly related to the verdict. If the judges stick to their opinion, Google is almost certain that it will win. In addition, the document relies on an argument that Apple could not use – there are more app stores on Android and people are not required to use only the Play Store. According to Google, it is not possible to talk about a monopoly.

Source: ZDnet

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