Promoting the launch of the new Pixel 6 line, Google made available a curious freebie to its users. The novelty is the limited collection of clothing “Material You Collection”, which bears the same name as the design language adopted on Android 12. The surprise, however, is a discreet detail: the pieces are entirely virtual — and not even can be purchased.

More specifically, the collection has 12 virtual pieces of clothing, which aim to help users “express their individuality”. More like a concept art, the models can be tried on by “the entire audience” until November 23, when the campaign closes. Unfortunately, the novelty is also regional, being limited to UK residents.

The clothing items in the “Material You” collection are unisex and were created inspired by the versatility of the original theme. (Source: Google, Digital Trends / Reproduction)Source: Google, Digital Trends

However, in addition to the marketing proposition, Google’s virtual collection may have a somewhat virtuous purpose. Designed by the prominent casas fashion The Fabricant and Dress X — which feature artists such as Tinie Tempah, Bettina Looney, Radam Ridwan, Sophie Butler, Jack Guinness and Kyle De’Volle —, the pieces take style to social media in a sustainable way, since they don’t harm the environment directly.

Google Pixel Product Manager Shenaz Zack Mistry explains the advantages of the novelty: “At a time when there is a deliberate movement to buy one-of-a-kind clothes, this digital fashion collection can be accessed by anyone for free and allows you to express your individuality without impacting the environment,” he assesses.

With the rise of the Metaverse, digital alternatives like this are likely to become more and more common, as they are sustainable and relatively affordable for all users. However, it is important to emphasize that, despite the similarities, Google has not yet taken part in its own project of “digital world”.

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