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In recent days and weeks, Google has been testing user responses to Play Store news that appear in the mobile app at random. Some groups of users in recent days and weeks have lost the display of very important details, specifically the date of the last update of the application is missing. You can usually find this in the bottom box with summary information about the application, and most users look for this date because they want to know if the game or application is still “maintained” or last updated two years ago …

Another group of users has registered a new “Offers” section on Google Play on their mobile phones, which has fit between the Applications and Movies items in the bottom bar. When you open the Menus section, time-limited actions with a description are displayed “Recommended offers you might like”which applies to both applications and mobile games. If you have the Play Pass service active at the same time, the bottom bar will be filled with six icons, so it will be quite crowded here.

It is not yet clear which feature will remain on Google Play. In the first case, it would be a change that will hurt those interested in current applications and, conversely, will help those who do not fundamentally update their applications and do not fix errors. In the second case, it depends on what offers will be available and whether it will not be just a card with ads for applications and games without any significant or interesting discounts.

Introducing the Google Play Pass:

Source 9to5google, Reddit

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