Gorodisch: "Lowering the meat by 1% after having raised it by 70% is very easy"

The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC) reported today that inflation for the month of August was 2.5%, showing a slight decrease in relation to last month. So far this year, the general increase in prices has accumulated 32.3%, going over the budget for the year by the Minister of Economy Martin Guzman.

Video | Gorodisch: “Lowering the meat by 1 percent after having raised it by 70 percent is very easy”

In this context, the team of RePerfilAr he contacted the economist Mariano Gorodisch, who spoke about the economic situation and the high inflationary levels in the country.

“It is terrible that we celebrate that there is a monthly inflation of 2.5%, it is what almost all the countries of the world have in the year”, shot Gorodisch, who then completed: “Inflation in September is going to be much higher”. Along the same lines, the professional assured that all prices are frozen due to the elections.

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“Lowering the meat by 1% after having risen by 70 percent is very easy”, asserted the specialist. Then, the interviewee recommended various recipes to save money when shopping.

Finally, Mariano Gorodisch assured that the best is buy products taking advantage of 2×1 promotions in supermarkets and large chains.

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