Government agrees: three times a year without a virus...

In concrete terms, an employee does not have to submit a sick note for one day’s absence. That can be done three times a year. If you are absent more often, you will need a sick note. In addition, the government is also introducing an electronic certificate. It is not yet clear when this measure will come into effect.

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Doctors can, if they wish, let the health insurance companies know what an employee who has been ill for a longer period of time can still do. In time it is intended that the certificate can also be sent to the employer. But that reform is still a long way off.

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In any case, the emphasis is primarily on the reintegration of the long-term sick. That group now numbers almost half a million people in our country. That weighs on the treasury. He has to pay the benefits and misses out on income because those people cannot do their job. And therefore no social contributions.

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