Government approves new support for families next week | Inflation

The Government will approve, next week, a new set of measures to support families, in the current context of inflation and rising interest rates. The final design of these supports is still dependent on the final data on budget execution for the year 2022, which will also be known next week.

The announcement was made this Thursday by the Prime Minister, António Costa, during the press conference that followed the Council of Ministers where two of the measures included in the More Housing package were approved (rent subsidy and credit support housing for lower-income families).

“Next week, the Council of Ministers will adopt a set of other types of support measures, which have nothing to do with housing and whose final design depends on having the final data, which will be known next week, on the execution budget for the year 2022”, said the Prime Minister, when asked whether the Government admits to implementing other measures to support families to combat the effects of the rise in the cost of living.

Without giving any details about the type of support that is being studied, António Costa only said that the final figures for last year’s budget execution will allow the Government “to have an idea of ​​what is the margin to support families and the economy more, in according to needs and according to the evolution of the situation”.

Last week, remember, the Minister of Finance, Fernando Medina, revealed that the Government plans to adjust the support that is being granted to families in the context of inflation.

“We have to adapt the measures that we have defined to the new reality we are facing. The reality today is not one of energy prices like those we had six or seven months ago. Prices are lower. Today, support can be better calibrated, focusing on the most vulnerable public, on those who need it most, and less on transversal measures, in which the Government decided to invest at the beginning of this crisis to provide stronger support to the entire economy”, he said at the time, at the entrance to the Eurogroup meeting that took place last week.

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