Government begins reconstruction of the Barahona-Enriquillo highway
Government begins reconstruction of the Barahona-Enriquillo highway with an investment of 1,500 million

Barahona. – President Luis Abinader assured this Sunday that what the Government is doing in terms of construction and road infrastructure in the South is revolutionary.

The president spoke when resuming the reconstruction work on the Barahona-Enriquillo highway, with an initial budget of about 1,500 million pesos, benefiting more than 100,000 people.

Accompanied by the Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascención, the president gave the first deadline for the start of work on the work, demanded by residents for years.

In the event, President Abinader announced the intervention of the Pintura crossing, one of the most difficult interceptions in terms of traffic and that directly affects the exit to the South on the November 6 highway.

He also reported that the Baní bypass will be ready by the end of next year and that of Azua by the third quarter of next year.

“This government does nothing without planning. We plan everything to have a more efficient government every day,” said Abinader.

He recalled that two weeks ago he announced in Higüey that a trauma center will be built at the Taiwan Hospital in Azua and later, as budgets allow, other centers will be built further to the South.

The president said that with all these actions he seeks to have better security, communication and go hand in hand with the tourism development that is promoted for Pedernales

The head of state announced that by 2022 an unprecedented investment will be made in water and sanitary sewers throughout the country.

He also said that the possibility of creating viewpoints-paradores on the way to Barahona-Enriquillo is being studied, so that on the way to Pedernales the view of the road can be appreciated, which also adds to the economic effect with the installation of shops .

He exhorted those present to look to the near and distant future with optimism, not because there are no problems, but because they have a government that is willing to face each one of them.

“We are willing to work together to achieve economic and social progress, a better quality of life and a very special objective in public policies in recent years: the happiness of its citizens,” said President Abinader.

He also promised to finish a municipal clinic in Paraíso, started in the government of Hipólito Mejía.

Activation of interprovincial trade

For his part, the Minister of Public Works stressed that this important highway will activate interprovincial trade in Barahona, Bahoruco and Pedernales and allow agricultural products from the entire region to be transported more quickly and safely to large urban centers.

In addition, he pointed out, it will be an indispensable instrument for the tourist development of all this long and beautiful coastline of 124 kilometers that connects Barahona with Pedernales.

Ascensión explained that in the specific case of the highway, it is being carried out with the purpose of rebuilding a deteriorated section, with an irregular and dangerous route, which will be converted into about 17 kilometers of modern highway.

It will have two lanes of 3.65 meters each, a 4-meter retaining wall, protective structures built with gabions that will prevent landslides and sea erosion.

Ascensión explained that the work involves an important road variant upon arrival in the municipality of Enriquillo to solve a critical point, through a drainage system with tubular culverts, a concrete system and a stone-faced gutter.

In addition, he said, the removal of the existing asphalt will be carried out, stabilization of the base with cement, primer and total resurfacing, the required horizontal and vertical signaling, the placement of a safety railing, as well as the construction of two bridges over the La Boca rivers. of Maniel and San Rafael.

The restoration contract for this highway includes the construction of sidewalks and containments and the paving of the streets of the municipalities and towns around the surrounding area, the improvement of the streets of the Juan Esteban town, the streets of the municipality of Enriquillo and the sidewalks, Containers and paved roads in the small towns of La Ciénaga, Los Patos, Los Blancos and Caletón.

Ascensión specified that this work was paralyzed due to legal difficulties at the beginning of our management, which prevented even the payment of the corresponding measurements, due to the lack of foresight and lack of planning with which it was started in the previous administration.

“However, since the arrival of this government, we have assumed the commitment to finish the work. This purpose entails a year of arduous information gathering work, review of previous measurements and inspection of previously carried out work; preparation of technical studies; redesign of construction plans, execution schedules, as well as the restructuring of the work completion budget, “he said.

Meanwhile, the governor of Barahona, Dionis Maribel González Medrano, said that the Dominican people value the work of government that President Abinader carries out with effort and determination.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Barahona, Mictor Emilio Fernández, said that with works like these it is shown that now the time of the south has truly arrived and it has not remained in words as in the past.

Representing the community, Ana Bartola Acosta spoke, who expressed her gratitude for the construction of the road that she considered would be of great benefit to all the residents of the province.

The blessing of the act was in charge of the Reverend Father Marco Antonio Pérez, rector of the Universidad Católica Tecnológica de Barahona, (UCATEBA).

The event was attended by the director of the Economic Canteens, Edgar Feliz; the Vice Minister of Public Works, José del Carmen Montero; the mayors of Enriquillo; Heriberto Méndez y de Paraíso, Francisco -Panchin- Acosta; the president of IDC Construcción, SRL, Rafael Jáquez and the president of Radio Companies, Roberto Lama.

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