Government cares about badness package - 10/11/2021 - Alvaro Costa e Silva

In recent days the government has been working on the package of evils. One of the two: either an early and reverse Christmas spirit has descended on Bolsonaro, or he has realized that he is really in the last days and there is no time to lose if he wants to fulfill his exterminating mission.

The president had vetoed the free distribution of tampons, harming more than four million young people who do not have basic hygiene items in schools when they are menstruating and 713,000 of them who live without access to toilets or showers in their homes — not counting women who do. in the streets. But, given the negative repercussions and the mobilization of the Senate to overthrow the veto, it decided to go back. Once again. The tactic is always to throw banana peels. If you break someone’s leg, great.

To justify his sadism and stupidity, Bolsonaro invented the excuse of lack of money and the crime of responsibility – he, who is always spending his guts and committing all kinds of crimes. So much so that Damares Alves, the Women’s Minister, had come out in her defense: “Is priority a vaccine or absorbent?”. In the background, the veto had the fingerprints of Steve Bannon’s “ideology” blown by son 03 into Dad’s ears. The distribution of tampons would be no more than a profitable orchestration by NGOs and the global left, and therefore it could not.

Who understands profitable actions is the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes. The money man in tax havens also acted last week to leave his mark of evil. In collusion with Congress, he managed to pass a cut of almost 90% in the budget allocated to Science. And, with the same Congress, it plans the approval of the administrative reform conditioned to the release of R$ 6 billion in amendments.

There was a decree that authorizes the use of more pesticides, especially those that cause cancer, and new increases in gasoline and cooking gas. The bells are already ringing.

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