Surgical cloth mask

During the last balance of COVID cases in Chile, the Undersecretary of Health, María Teresa Valenzuela, reported that it is recommended to use surgical masks instead of cloth and cotton. This because apparently the stylish masks would no longer be fulfilling their primary function: to protect.

Why do you have to change them?

While cloth masks were thought to do the job perfectly, The truth is, no. Particles travel more smoothly in this type of ‘chinstrap’, which makes infection is much more possible.

Surgical cloth mask

In contrast, 3-fold masks, or surgical, are manufactured for medical personnel in order not to pass these particles. Filter exhaled air, so the possibility of emitting particles with Covid-19 is much lower.

However, this type of mask it is not reusable, and may lose effectiveness in about 4 hours. Generate tons of trash and we can see them scattered in the city.

Surgical cloth mask

Surgical cloth mask

So, cloth or surgical mask?

As established by the authorities, and as it has been talked about for the last time, it is much more useful wear surgical masks. By having all the factors mentioned above, have a high percentage of filtration, which prevents the passage of the virus in a formidable way.

With the appearance of new, increasingly contagious strains it is important to privilege the elements that prevent rapid transmission. So it’s time to say goodbye to new, aesthetic fabric masks.

The Ministry of Health recommends the use of these masks for the purposes of the pandemic, or the N95, whose watertight design makes it much more difficult the passage of particles that could contain the virus.

With a sustained increase in cases, the call as always is for prevention. And if for style reasons you do not want to leave the fabric masks, the recommendation is to use a surgical one underneath anyway. That the design does not weigh more than your health.

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