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The governor of the department of Meta (center), Juan Guillermo Zuluaga, was unharmed from two armed attacks in just over 24 hours, in a region of Colombia where dissidents of the ex-guerrilla of the FARC operate, according to the politician denounced this Tuesday.

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The first attack was on Sunday, when “the vehicle in which I was traveling was hit by a sniper,” Zuluaga said on W Radio.

In a second episode, on Monday afternoon, an “explosive device” exploded as a caravan of vehicles passed by in which the governor was traveling.

Still unidentified people activated the device during a tour of the president in La Macarena, a municipality in the south of the department of Meta.

Zuluaga was unharmed from both attacks, but an adult and a six-year-old child were injured “by the splinters of the explosive device”, although they are “out of danger.”

The governor, a member of the Liberal Party, was warned about a third attack that was being planned against him.

“The information we have is that they were trying to carry out another attack at a place we were thinking of going there,” he added.

Dissident rebels operate in that region, a former stronghold of the former Marxist FARC guerrilla, who marginalized themselves from the peace agreement signed in 2016.

In the place, loggers who deforest forests in the Colombian Amazon, drug traffickers and peasant extortionists coexist “under the protection of FARC dissidence,” according to Zuluaga.

The rebels in that department are commanded by Miguel Botache Santillana, alias “Gentil Duarte,” the country’s main dissident leader.

“They are the ones in the area (…) surely the annoyance is that it reaches their hearts, where they intend to reign as they did in the past,” added the leader.

In the worst times of the Colombian armed conflict, the once most powerful guerrilla in America attacked the political leaders who ruled in their areas of influence.

Although the bulk of the FARC members demobilized, some 13,000 men and women, some remained in arms and reorganized with new recruits.

His foot of force is estimated at 2,500 militants, according to military intelligence.

Experts accuse the State of not having reached the territories left by the rebels after the historic agreement, which facilitated the consolidation of other armed groups.

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