Governors neighborhood security: Human remains found in vacant lot

Celaya, Guanajuato.- Macabre discovery made neighbors of the Gobernadores neighborhood, when leaving their houses and running into human remains of a person in a vacant lot.

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It was minutes before 11 at night when neighbors of the Miguel G. Pueblita street, almost on the corner with Manuel Lizardi, reported the the existence of two bags with what appeared to be human remains and a green card with threats from a criminal group.

They leave a dismembered person in the Governors colony

Municipal police together with paramedics went to the place and confirmed that near a kindergarten they were said blood stained bags, so they immediately cordoned off the area and reported it to the Public Ministry.

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According to versions of neighbors, minutes before the voices of several men were heard and then the noise of a vehicle that was moving away at high speed; when they left their homes they saw what appeared to be a “bagging” so they called 911.

Until 11:30 at night the identity or sex of the victim was unknownTherefore, we will be waiting for new information from the corresponding authorities.

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