The referent of the Excluded Workers Movement (MTE), Juan Grabois, issued a surprising eulogy to the candidate for deputy for Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei, after agree that he “hits the nail on the head” when he mentions the political “caste privilege”.

There are caste privileges, that’s why mercy It hits the nail on the head when it comes to caste privilege. This is not resolved by asking for forgiveness or claiming to have listened to the public. We must act accordingly, “he said. Grabois in dialogue with C5N.

Next, and keeping the focus on Milei, he also said that “he managed to get 15% of the votes in town 31” because “the people voted with anger”. “The government says what to do, but it doesn’t. Heads must be cut off, they must be cut off“, critical.

Regarding the unfavorable result obtained by the ruling party in the PASO, the referent of the Excluded Workers Movement considered that the defeat is due to “a disappointment of the electorate itself that gave victory to the Frente de Todos”.

“If things do not change, our people will suffer a lot. It is time to change everything that must be changed, with courage. It is an opportunity to change everything that needs to be changed“Grabois insisted repeatedly.

On the problems that afflict society, he denounced that “the kids in the neighborhoods have suffered a lot. Even today, not all the schools have finished opening. There have been no classes in Chubut for three years. The money is not executed to expand the PROGRESS “.

The harsh criticism of Juan Grabois to the government: “Some head has to roll”

“We are lowering flags that we should not lower”, he specified and then re-emphasized the choice made by the Government. “Despite having people I admire, they did not know how to captivate the militancy, who left disenchanted“.

“You can be beautiful but the only truth is reality”, he asserted. Wielding criticism also towards the Juntos space, he pointed out that “The people who did not want to vote for macrismo were the ones who decided not to go to vote and stayed at home”.

“To that voter who is angry, It will only pass you if the course changes. For example, the money from the tax on large fortunes, which was something important, is standing there. That impacts the lives of people and young people, whether they want it or not, “he added.

In the last sections of the interview, the referent of the Excluded Workers Movement denounced: “The one who ends up paying the duck is the people. Here there is a problem of economic direction, the money is not being put where it should be put. “


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