Grades for the ÖFB-Elf: only one convinced, one trio failed

As always extremely willing in the game against the ball, captured the ball a few times and tried to initiate a counterattack. But suffered from the generally hesitant switching behavior of the Austrians and ultimately had no effect with the ball.

An international match that was completely over for the Bayern legionnaire for a long time. It was only in the closing stages that he tried to put his stamp on the game. You could see his frustration when he shot the ball after the referee in anger.

Hardly noticed, but often knocked over and at least got one or two free kicks out for the Austrians. With the ball at his foot, it was often evident that he had never played at this level before.

Had a difficult time as a solo leader against the Danish defensive giants. There was nothing to be got in the air. With his foot he was able to successfully put a ball down for the first time in minute 37, even after half-time no more than tried.

Came as a wild card for Kara, but was never found by his teammates and went unnoticed.

Tried dribbling and looking for degrees, but was always unsuccessful.

Inserted too short: Michael Gregoritsch, Florian Kainz.

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