Eitan (unrecognizable in the picture) lost his father, mother and brother in the accident.

Photo: RED

Israeli police have questioned the grandfather of six-year-old Eitan, the sole survivor of the cable car drama in Stresa, Italy, near Lake Maggiore. Israeli media reported this on Tuesday. Eitan is said to have been taken from Italy to Israel by his maternal grandfather.

“Police have questioned a 58-year-old man from Petak Tikva, who is suspected of involvement in the case,” it said in a statement. The man was later released on conditions. The investigation continues. An investigation into the man on suspicion of deprivation of liberty is also underway in Italy, reports the Italian news agency Ansa. His wife, Eitan’s maternal grandmother, is said to be under investigation for helping to organize the kidnapping, according to Italian media.

The boy was said to have been taken to Israel by his maternal grandfather on a private flight on Saturday. Eitan’s guardian, his father’s sister, was not aware of this. Eitan lost his parents, brother and two great-grandparents in the cable car accident on May 23. The boy was seriously injured, but was the only one to survive the drama.

Since the death of his parents, a battle has erupted in the family over the custody of the child. Eitan was assigned by the court to his father’s sister, who lives in northern Italy. The family on mother’s side has visitation rights, but wants to adopt the boy and let them live in Israel.

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