“Greece” review: Thomas Stipsits in the perfect summer film

Star line-up for Stipsits

Basically, Stipsits revives an old motif here, plays a contemporary Parsifal and throws a “pure fool” into the world to confront him with harsh reality.

Everyone wants something from this Johannes, everyone has ulterior motives, people tug at him and attack him from everywhere: the resolute fiancée (Katharina Strasser, from whom Stipsits has since divorced IRL); the enterprising stepfather (Erwin Steinhauer); the dominant mother (Mona Seefried) or a Greek jack-of-all-trades with the telling name Ilias (Kostas Antalopoulos), who combines every conceivable job from taxi driver to mayor.

There is also a determined islander (Claudia Kottal) and a vacationing couple (Andreas Vitásek and Margarethe Tiesel) who almost get themselves into erotic distress.

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