BERLIN (Reuters) – The German Greens on Thursday named co-chair Annalena Baerbock to become the next government’s foreign minister, and confirmed they will nominate Robert Habeck as deputy chancellor and economics minister with responsibility for climate policy .

The nominations, along with those for other cabinet posts, were made on Thursday at the start of a consultation process with members of the Greens to ratify the coalition agreement the party made with the Social Democrats (SPD) and the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP).

If confirmed, Baerbock will be Germany’s first female foreign minister.

The Greens named Cem Ozdemir, former party leader, minister of agriculture. The son of a textile factory worker and a teacher who arrived in the country as guest workers in the 1960s, he will be the first member of Germany’s Turkish-born population of 3 million to serve as minister of state.

The three coalition partners revealed on Wednesday their vision of how to promote a green transition in Europe’s biggest economy, accelerate digitization and implement some liberal social policies.

The Greens also nominated Anne Spiegel and Steffi Lemke, leading figures in the party, as Family Minister and Environment Minister, respectively.

The three parties defined in their coalition agreement how they will divide cabinet posts.

The results of the 10-day vote of 125,000 Greens on the coalition agreement are expected during the first weekend of December, around the same time that the SPD and FDP hope to ratify the agreement.

This would mean that Olaf Scholz of the SPD could succeed Angela Merkel and become chancellor in the week of December 6th.

(Reporting by Madeline Chambers and Thomas Escritt)

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