Grêmio reaches an agreement with Mancini, and América-MG is still trying to hold the coach

consolidating a reaction that took the team out of the relegation zone- (Mourão Panda/América-MG)

América-MG may lose their coach to Grêmio. The club from Rio Grande do Sul made a proposal to Vagner Mancini and has already settled the contractual bases for him to assume command of the tricolor team. Grêmio’s idea is to have Mancini immediately and sign a contract by the end of 2022 to try to avoid Grêmio’s fall to the second division. Currently, the club occupies the 19th place, with just 23 points in 26 games.

The Grêmio crisis intensified with the departure of Felipão, who was fired last week. E Mancini’s name appeals to the board and players. Denis Abrahão, Grêmio’s new deputy football director, is the one in charge of the negotiations and made the attack on the American coach, who has been doing a good campaign for Coelho, currently 11th, with 31 points.

Grêmio’s runner-up Denis Abraão is still willing to make one last attack on Roger Machado, but the tendency is for the club to close even with Mancini.

Grêmio’s proposal annoyed the board of directors of América-MG to the point of club president Alencar da Silveira Júnior publicly speaking on Twitter, asking Tricolor not to “piss off” America and leave Vagner Mancini in his current environment.

-What’s up with Grêmio, Mancini is in a healthy, peaceful environment, where we build a family. Let us keep working and we’ll be pissed off by someone else,” Alencar posted.

América’s board met with Vagner Mancini after the team returned from Porto Alegre, where Coelho was defeated by Internacional 3-1, by Brasileiro.

The main topic of the conversation was to keep the coach, who has had good results in the team, and to continue with the work for 2022, when América can even play in an international competition, such as the Copa Sudamericana, in addition to fulfilling the goal of staying in the national elite for the second year in a row.


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