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Grêmio sinks deeper and deeper into the relegation zone; this Wednesday, the team lost again by 1 x 0, now to Fortaleza

Grêmio's deputy football team leaves the post after the team's defeat by Fortaleza.  (Photo: Kely Pereira/AGIF)


Grêmio’s deputy football team leaves the post after the team’s defeat by Fortaleza. (Photo: Kely Pereira/AGIF)

Again the Guild lost in Brazilian championship. This Wednesday, Immortal faced Fortaleza at Castelão and came out with a negative result, the team is still in the nineteenth place, with just 23 points, and the relegation to series B gets closer and closer.

In addition to the problem on the field, Grêmio is still struggling backstage. After Felipão left, now whoever is out of the club is the soccer runner-up Marcos Herrmann, who announced his resignation from the post. The reason for leaving is “to oxygenate and create a new suit” in the position.

I am resigned from the position of vice president of football, because I think it’s important that we oxygenate it. Now comes a new technical committee. It’s important that we breathe new air, create a new fact and move life forward. We have a change of cycle, which we are making, it is very difficult. I confess that I didn’t know it was so difficult. But the club is able to overcome this difficult moment. I reiterate: it is essential that the support of our fans does not lack the club, especially the players,” he said.

Marcos Herrmann has been in the position since April, and one of his first duties was to bring in coach Tiago Nunes, after the departure of Renato Portaluppi, the club’s idol coach. Then Tiago Nunes was fired and Felipão arrived at the club.

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In the next round of the Brazilian Championship Grêmio faces Juventude, at home, at 6:15 pm. The Immortal needs victory to try to move up and escape the relegation zone.

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