Gretell Valdez

In an interview she gave a few days ago, actress Gretell Valdez revealed that her health is again in check, and this time the consequences will be more serious.

Between tears, the actress who plays Renata in Rebelde, spoke of the harsh illness that has plagued her for years. In 2019 he had already suffered from cancer in one of his thumbs, although at that time it was solved by removing those diseased cells and grafting healthy tissue that would regenerate.

Now the problem has returned, but the solution involves making a much more dramatic decision. When he underwent a routine check-up a few months ago, the doctors noticed that something was not right, they immediately informed Gretell Valdez and in principle he only had to undergo a small and simple surgery.

Actress Gretell Valdez will undergo amputation surgery.

Gretell Valdez stated that if it was necessary to lose that part of his body to remain in good health then there was no doubt, he would go through surgery. The date scheduled for it is not yet known, but it will surely be soon, since in these cases every minute and hour count in the fight to counteract the advance of cancer.

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