Guadiana campaign coordinator resigns; accuses that he was displaced by expriistas

Luis Fernando Salazar argued that he left his campaign coordination because he felt uncomfortable with some members of the Guadiana Tijerina team.

Mexico City, February 9 (However).- The former deputy Luis Fernando Salazar He resigned on Thursday from his position as Armando Guadiana Tijerina campaign coordinator for the governorship of Coahuila by Morena before differences with the team.

“I had a very calm, very kind talk with my friend Guadiana and I told him ‘you know what? That I have a campaign vision that is not accepted by your team,” Salazar declared in an interview for the local media. rcg.

Salazár stated that his dissatisfaction was due to the presence of a group of ex-PRI members who accompany the candidate of the Labor Party (PT), Ricardo Mejía, and displaced his work team.

“Among them, the ex-PRI members who come fresh from Mejía’s team and that makes me very uncomfortable, it is difficult to be the face of something and not have the elements to take responsibility for them,” he said.

Ricardo Mejía Berdeja and Armando Guadiana will be rivals in the next elections in Coahuila. Photo: Darkroom

“How am I going to be responsible for the care of the four thousand polling stations in Coahuila if I do not have the ability to name the command of the electoral coordinator?” he added.

For the former legislator there is a paradox: “those who were with Guadiana, do not sit with him; those who were with me, do not sit with him because these spaces were occupied by these characters, ”he pointed out.

Guadiana, Morena’s candidate for governor of Coahuila, will close pre-campaign activities next Saturday, February 11, and then travel to Arizona, United States, to attend the Super Bowl that will be on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the elections on June 4 in Coahuila are in an even race, because according to a survey published last Tuesday in the newspaper The financialArmando Guadiana, from Morena, and Manolo Jiménez, from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), are in a statistical tie, since they have a voting intention of 43 and 41 percent, respectively.

Manuel Jimenez. Photo: Twitter, @manolojim

The exercise carried out by the journalist Alejandro Moreno shows that also in positive opinions, both candidates for governor are similar: the morenista has 43 percent, while the priista has 40. In negative opinion it is 36 and 39 percent for each one, respectively. .

According to The financialRicardo Mejía Berdeja, contender for the Labor Party after breaking with Morena, is much further away, with five percent; and Lenin Pérez Rivera, from the also separated Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) from the guinda party, with six percent of voting intentions.

The PRI seeks to place Manolo Jiménez, a young politician close to the current Governor Miguel Riquelme and the former Governor and current Secretary General of the PRI, Rubén Moreira.

In the State of Mexico and Coahuila, there will be gubernatorial elections this 2023, where Morena will seek to wrest from the PRI one of the last remaining historical bastions: the governorship of Coahuila.

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