Guanajuato Civil Protection: Rescued 26 alive in dams and rivers in the last 9 years

Leon, Guanajuato.- From 2012 to the personal date of Civil protection has rescued 26 people alive in dams, rivers and streams of 27 municipalities of Guanajuato.

In addition, out of 519 interventions, 501 people were rescued lifeless in bodies of water in these municipalities, according to the records obtained through Transparency.

The time of each operation varies according to the area and the risk, and ranges from 5 minutes to 144 hours, the time that the rescue of a minor in Salvatierra in 2018.

Operation on September 28 on the Malecón del Río in León to locate a child dragged by the stream of Arroyo Alfaro. Photo: Staff AM.

Celaya has the highest number of interventions in Guanajuato with 256, in which the same number of bodies were rescued from 2014 to date, which is the registration period sent by this municipality.

It is followed by the municipalities of San Felipe with 38 interventions and 40 rescued bodies, Irapuato with 35 operatives and 35 people dead.

Cortazar with 25 operatives and the same number of bodies rescued, and Lion with 18 bodies and six people rescued alive.

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On Apaseo the Great 22 interventions were reported and in each one there was one deceased. The other 19 municipalities had between one and 15 rescue operations. Single Manuel Bent and Acámbaro they claimed to have a white balance.

The age range of the bodies and people rescued alive is from 1 to 80 years, although most of them were over 18 years old.

Likewise, most of the interventions were carried out in the Coria Canal and the Laja River.

AM requested to Transparency the number of rescues of people in dams, rivers and streams in Guanajuato from 2010 to date, but most of the state’s municipalities have this information as of 2018.

Addresses of Civil protection from Apaseo el Alto, Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato capital, Jaral del Progreso, Penjamo, Salamanca, San Jose Iturbide and Xichú They responded, among other things, that they are not dedicated to registering this type of claim or their actions.

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For example, the address of Dolores Hidalgo he excused himself with the measures and restrictions for COVID, while Guanajuato capital assured that it is not up to the management to carry out these rescues or register them, the same in San Jose Iturbide.

In these cases, an attempt was made to contact the directors and municipal agencies to find out if they had this information, but none responded.

Either Comfort, Doctor Mora, Huanimaro, Moroleon, Ocampo, New town, Santa Catarina, Santiago Maravatío, White land, Victoria ni Yuriria They responded to the request for information.

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The deadline for responding to requests was October 10, in accordance with the deadlines established for responding to requests for information.

Rescues in bodies of water in some municipalities of Guanajuato

Municipality Interventions Dead Alive Period
Celaya 256 256 0 2014-2021
San Felipe 38 40 0 2014-2021
Irapuato 35 35 0 2013-2021
Cortazar 25 25 0 2019-2021
Lion 24 18 6 2017-2021
Apaseo the Great 22 22 0 2016-2021


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