GuiHome, back on stage, confides: "I didn't want to be just a one-time hit, a buzz, the eternal student YouTuber"

The youtubeur is back with a second show – which is even exported to France – entitled GuiHome relaxes you Legrand.

After GuiHome relaxes you proposed in 2016 (directed by François Pirette and with the biggest audience on RTL-TVi in 2017), Guillaume Wattecamps – alias the Facebook videographer and comedian GuiHome – is going on tour this year with his second one-man show GuiHome relaxes you Legrand (info on But without François Pirette at the helm. ApAfter some time of collaboration, I decided to learn alone the codes and the different stages of the evolution of a young artist, confides to us the actor of almost 30 years, soon to appear in the series Pee gentlemen, on Tipik, with Pablo Andres. But I will never spit in the soup. I learned a lot behind the scenes of a show. I just didn’t want to be taught, I wanted to learn. That’s when I decided to take the risk of finding out what I need to find out on my own rather than having someone anticipate everything for me. It didn’t suit me. But being a producer has always been ingrained in me (opposite with the tiktokeur Nicolas Lacroix for whom he takes care of the first show, Editor’s note), I like to be on the move.”

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