Gustavo Cowboy is the 6th eliminated from ‘BBB 23’ with 71.78%

Another member of the Pipoca group was eliminated from BBB 23. With 71.78% of the votes, Gustavo Cowboy became the sixth eliminated from the most watched house in Brazil. The wall composed by Fred Nicácio and Domitila was formed on February 23 and mobilized the house.

According to the program, Fred had 24.37% of the votes and Domitila had 3.85%. After leaving, still live, Big Fone played again. This time, Aline answered the phone and guaranteed immunity. In addition, the sister indicated ‘Cara de Sapato’ to the wall.

Sapato is the first member of the hot spot of the new dynamic of the week. On Sunday morning (26), he will have a new test at the house, which will decide the new leader and a new angel. The monster’s punishment will be one more spot on the wall. And at night, the quartet will be formed that will go on to the round trip test.

The new home match will be on Tuesday (28), when another person leaves the most watched house in Brazil. At the moment, the BBB23 prize reached BRL 1,910,000

Understand how this Saturday’s clash (25) was formed:

A dynamics of the week at BBB23 was intense and started on Thursday (23). The Big Fone played during the afternoon and MC Guimê answered, thus guaranteeing the Supreme Power. On the same day, psychologist Sarah Aline won the sixth lead and started the formation of Paredão Relâmpago.

Sarah’s nomination was the fighter Cara de Sapato. Afterwards, the boxer pulled Fred Nicácio in the Contragolpe. The model Domitila was the most voted by the house, with five votes.

Cara de Sapato was saved from the hot seat by MC Guimê. In the justification, the funk singer stated that Key Alves was the main articulator of the game in the house, but indicated Gustavo to the wall, closing the trio.

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