Francisco Arellano

National Championship

The Chieftain’s DT stated that it is incredible how his group has managed to go from contesting the relegation to being the Chilean Cup champion and a candidate for the title in the National Championship. In addition, he said they must be smart to beat Universidad de Chile.

Colo Colo

Gustavo Quinteros already sees a new Superclassic between Colo Colo and U de Chile. (Photo: Guille Salazar)

Colo Colo defeated Everton at the Monumental stadium by 2-0 on the date 21 of National Championship And, with this, he took a five-point advantage in the standings, shooting up at the top when the second round begins and seven months after having played the game for permanence in First in Talca against Universidad de Concepción.

For the same, Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image, DT del Cacique, reflected that “Five points of difference does not assure anything, but it is something that not many expected. After a short time being at the top with an advantage over other teams that were formed before, which came with a point guard from last year. We have a practically renewed, new team, many changes have been made. Getting in this position so early is very motivating. That is why the players are very committed, wanting to continue to maintain the advantage, to fight to maintain it and not lose this important possibility that has been achieved after so much effort ”.

But now look at what is coming: the Super classic in view of University of Chile Sunday, September 26 in Rancagua. “The classic is very special, important, highly valued by all the people, by the fans. There are always bets, before the game you live with great intensity from days before. But the coaches must be oblivious to all that and we must analyze the rival, prepare the match, which is a three-point match like another but we also know that emotionally it is important for everyone. We will take it in a special way to get a good result. We can still play better, we must progress, adapt to circumstances. The U will be a complicated rival that we will have to solve by playing well ”, he stressed.

Likewise, it analyzed that “It is very motivating to play with people, who support, who encourage, we went 0-0 and encouraged all the time. That motivates a lot, it helps a lot. We also lived it when we lost with Cobresal, sometimes we can’t, but it is fundamental. The second half we played well, when Costa came to play in the middle and we put the high ends we found more spaces, win backs, have individual duels on the sides. After getting the goal, the game opened much more and it seemed that we could score more goals. We are very happy, excited and excited. In a short time, with many changes, we went from fighting a situation such as relegation to a totally different one ”.

On the battle for the crown, he predicted that “In the last six, five or four games of the Championship you will see those who will fight for the title. Nothing is said. It is a closed tournament, there are five or six that play well, there is not much difference between one and the other in the game. There are teams that pose complicated situations, which must be resolved. They do not give spaces, they play against each other, they take advantage of stopped balls. Any of those can score points for you. You have to plan all the matches the same, trying to win, be superior to your rivals in terms of football, if you can win like that, great and if not, you are left with the peace of mind that you have done everything possible to win. The next one is another final and it is the classic one ”.

Finally, he reiterated Christian Santos that “He is a player who was on the list, at the end he appeared, at the beginning there were other priorities. I know it, when I worked in the United Arab Emirates I liked to wear it. He has conditions, he can contribute a lot to the team, he can help a lot, he is from the area, he has a header, he wins, he has definition. We look for those characteristics. It is difficult for the U to be there, he must be stopped training inside, but he can help us for the last part where complicated games come to us. It will help us a lot to define within the area ”.

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