Gusttavo Lima is seen in costume at the carnival in Salvador

Gusttavo Lima dressed up as Ghostface, character from the movie Pânico, to pass through the crowd at Salvador’s carnival. The sertanejo was one of the attractions of the Villa cabin, last Tuesday (21). He also added a Hawaiian flower necklace to the costume.

According to information from columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, the singer was escorted by more than 20 police and security agents.

It is worth remembering that the artist would drag an electric trio during the momesca revelryhowever, the parade was postponed to the next Carnival, without justification on the part of the sertanejo’s advisory.

One of the assumptions was that the block did not sell enough abadá to go out on Avenida. The shirt to parade with the Ambassador was costing BRL 1,000 in the 1st batch, an amount that was the subject of criticism by revelers.

Through Instagram, the artist limited himself to saying that the story, released by some communication portals, was “Fake news”.

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