Guzmán met with Olaf Scholz, the main person in charge of forming a government in Germany

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Guzmán and Scholz, who had already met last July in the framework of the G20 meeting in Venice, they discussed the challenges of the international financial architecture and also about the Argentine economic scenario and the support of German companies that invest in Argentina.

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Video meeting Guzmán Olaf Scholz Germany

It should be remembered that the Argentine minister has been having a hectic week in international relations. On Tuesday he met with the director of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva to advance the details of the new conditions of a debt that totals about US $ 45,000 million.

“Valuable meeting with the managing director of the IMF to advance in solving the unsustainable debt with the organization,” the native of La Plata wrote on his Twitter account after the meeting.

Georgieva, meanwhile, called it a “very good meeting.” “We look forward to continuing our work together to lastingly address Argentina’s challenges and build a more sustainable and inclusive recovery,” he said.

Guzmán also referred to the issue this Wednesday in his presentation at the Idea Colloquium, where he remarked that Argentina cannot pay in the times provided for by the stand-by agreement signed in 2018 by the former government of Mauricio Macri.

“When you have more debt in dollars it means less possibilities of expansion of economic capacity and more inflation, when dollars are lacking there is less growth and more inflation. It is very simple, then it must be resolved. We seek to reach an agreement with the IMF that allows to refinance all those amounts, an agreement that is based on what is our vision of how to manage the economy and in that framework the negotiations take place, “concluded Guzmán,” he deepened.

In this regard, today the G20 requested a review of the rate surcharge imposed by the IMF on its debtors, one of the points that Argentina claims.

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