Habeas Cups moves Sérgio Bezerra circuit

The “old” Carnival invaded the streets of Barra to welcome the revelry after two years of pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic, taking to the avenue the traditional fanfare bands and delighting veterans and newcomers alike.

This Wednesday (15th), the party takes place on the Sérgio Bezerra circuit, which runs along Farol da Barra, along Avenida Oceânica until it crosses Avenida Centenário.

The party, which takes place a few years ago and in 2013 became official, with the right to schedule published in the Official Gazette of the Municipality, was the debut stage for the Clown Radiola, who chose to parade in the Xupisko block.

“This return, after two years off, is being very nice. I’ve been working in this area for over seven years now, and resuming with Xupisko has been really cool, different and new. I am a clown by profession, I came to work and enjoy. Not just today, but the rest of Carnival, in the cabin, on the streets and in Pelourinho”, he said to the sound of a fanfare version of the song ‘Zona de Perigo’.

Who also participated in the event for the first time was Natália Miranda. The Bahian woman, who has been working in the area for 20 years, participated in the ‘Bloco das Baianas’. “For me it’s a huge gratification, it’s my first time on the runway, but as a Bahian I’m already 13 years old and I hope it’s the first of many”.

The street vendor, Clarice Santos, celebrated the return of the party after the critical period of the pandemic. She, who has been working at Carnival for a few years, got the license to perform at the party once again and pointed out the importance that the value made in the revelry has for the family.

“There are a lot of beans on my children’s plate, there are six men to support, 21, 14, 10, 9, 7 and 4 years old. Two years off is no joke, you who are used to living in this hot world, like Carnival, where you not only work, you also have fun. People celebrate”.

The party, which started at 7 pm, should last until dawn. More than 16 marching bands paraded through the streets of Barra.

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