We are not crying, you are crying. Adidas announced a collaboration with the Japanese urban clothing brand ATMOS, located in the Shibuya region of Tokyo. And nothing is more iconic in that area than Hachikō , the beautiful puppy shiba that he waited for his master every day without knowing that he had passed away.

Japan’s Favorite Dog

Hachikō’s story is capable of moving everyone. In 1924 the professor of the Department of Agriculture of the University of Tokyo, Hidesaburō Ueno, adopted a small and weak puppy. Due to the crooked shape of its legs, which reminded him of kanji of the number eight (八) he decides to baptize it hachi. As a demonstration of their friendship, Hachikō accompanied Professor Ueno to the Shibuya train station, where he waited for him until his return.

But in 1925 Professor Hidesaburō died while taking classes, which is why he never returns to Hachikō. However, the puppy waited for him every day in front of the station, until his death in 1935.


A conscious style

Since then, Hachikō is considered an emblem of the region, which has undergone numerous changes. With this in mind, the brands incorporated these shoes into the «Shibuya District Official Souvenir Project«, so part of the proceeds will go to Shibuya. Like these shoes, all products in this project have the “You Make Shibuya” logo.

Unfortunately, the ability to buy these shoes can only be purchased through a lottery system within Japan. People will be able to know if they were lucky on September 18 in the morning, through the registration of the page. The price of them is 15,400 yen, equivalent to more or less $ 102,000 Chilean pesos. And yes, they are beautiful.


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