Haiti begins formation of the provisional Electoral Council |  News

The Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, started on Tuesday the process of forming a new Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), in charge of organizing the next elections scheduled for the end of 2022.


Haitian Prime Minister postpones elections until 2022

In this way, the Haitian Prime Minister sent a letter to representatives of organizations in defense of Human Rights to which the Head of Government invites them to designate three people, among whom a representative of the sector will be appointed in the new CEP.

According to Henry, the installation of the new CEP must be part of a process that gives confidence to the population, while adding that it is essential that in the next elections a broad participation of the citizens be given in order to guarantee great legitimacy to the citizens. future elected offices.

The people proposed by the associations must be of Haitian nationality, reside in the country, have a university academic level, as well as legal or administrative training, and justify ten years of experience in these tasks. In addition, the prime minister has added that at least one of these people must be a woman.

At the end of last September, Henry dismissed the members of the Provisional Electoral Council with the aim of appointing a new one for the holding of the elections and on the basis of the so-called Peaceful and Effective Governance Agreement that he signed with different political organizations .

Henry thus reversed the decree by which the members of the CEP were appointed a year ago under the mandate of then-president Jovenel Moïse, assassinated in July 2021.

The CEP had set November 7 as the date for the first round of the elections, when a constitutional referendum would also be held. The second rounds were scheduled for January 23, 2022, with the holding of municipal and local elections.

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