Half a ton of the psychostimulant drug Captagon was seized in Syria after it was found in a shipment of spaghetti, the army said Thursday, without specifying the destination of the cargo that could clandestinely leave the country.

“The pills weighing about 525 kilograms were hidden in spaghetti packages,” said that branch of the Syrian armed forces, quoted in a statement.

According to an army spokesman, the amphetamines, intended to be smuggled abroad, were found in the suburbs of Damascus.

In October, Syrian authorities seized and confiscated 180,000 Captagon tablets in the Syrian capital, hidden in a cake box. Also in the same month, more than four million pills were confiscated from a vehicle on the road connecting Damascus to Homs province.

According to a report by the European Union-funded operational research and analysis centre, “Syria’s Captagon exports have reached a market value of at least $3.46 billion [cerca de 3,09 mil milhões de euros]” in 2020.

In July 2020, Italy seized a record shipment of 14 tonnes of Captagon (84 million tablets) from Syria.

Captagon is an amphetamine taken from a former psychotropic drug, according to a report by the French Observatory on Drugs and Drug Addiction (OFDT).

Amphetamine is produced in particular in Lebanon, but also in Syria and Iraq, with Saudi Arabia as its final destination.

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