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Chile will play in the contest with Costa Rica, Paraguay and Brazil to seek a place in the IHF World Cup in Sweden and Poland 2023.

The groups of the South and Central American Handball Tournament.
© CoscabalThe groups of the South and Central American Handball Tournament.

During this day, COSCABAL made the draw that announced the selections that make up the two groups of the next South and Central American Handball Tournament Recife 2022, an event that grants four places to the next IHF World Cup in Sweden and Poland 2023.

The live that was carried out through the social networks of COSCABAL, in an alliance with ITV Patagonia, had the participation of the representatives of the seven countries that will be part of the tournament, added to the General Manager of COSCABAL, Claudio Bluck, and the president of the Confederation, Marcel Mancilla, who stated that “The success of this event will be reflected in the imminent growth of handball in America.”

Thus, at noon Chile, the two groups of the tournament that will take place between January 25 and 29 at the Geraldo Magalhaes Gymnasium:

  • GROUP A: Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia.
  • GROUP B: Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Costa Rica.

It should be noted that initially there would be 8 teams that will participate in the tournament, so they would be equal in the number of teams per group, but with the withdrawal of Colombia Following an outbreak of COVID-19 on campus, the group A should have been left with only 3 selections.

The first meeting of the sporting event will be in charge of the B Group, where Chile Y Costa Rica They will meet at 3:00 p.m. Geraldo Magalhaes Gymnasium, to then open the participation of group A at 5:00 p.m. with the match between Argentina and Bolivia.

Check below the fixture completo from the group stage:


15.00 Chile v / s Costa Rica
17.00 Argentina v Bolivia
20.00 Brazil v/s Paraguay

16.00 Bolivia v / s Uruguay
18.00 Paraguay v / s Chile
20.00 Brazil v / s Costa Rica

16.00 Costa Rica v / s Paraguay
18.00 Argentina v / s Uruguay
20.00 Brasil v/s Chile

The most important tournament in the Americas will be broadcast to the entire continent through the streaming platform COSCABAL, Handball SCA TV, and will be available at Fanatic.

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