Eduardo Olímpio Machado's female handball team (Photo: Publicity)

Fundesporte stated that the request for support was due, but that it is still working to meet the demand

Eduardo Olímpio Machado’s female handball team (Photo: Publicity)

The women’s team from the municipal school Eduardo Olímpio Machado de Campo Grande classified for the national stage of the Brazilian Handball Championship, which will start on the 19th in Recife, is running against it to get to the capital of Pernambuco.

The team that won the spot for the national stage after being in second place in the Midwest regional stage, played in Campo Grande in early September, issued a note stating that the athletes had the request for support to participate in the national stage of the competition. denied by Fundesporte (Sport and Leisure Foundation of Mato Grosso do Sul).

Team coach Ednaldo Silva, says in the note that since the regional stage, the Campo Grande team has not had support from the foundation, but that this time, as it is a national stage, he had hopes that the 13 athletes had state support for the purchase of tickets, accommodation and food.

“We deeply regret the way our sport was treated this time. In addition to the damage on the sports side, it also brings damage to the emotional and psychological sides, not only for the athletes, but for everyone who follows their daily efforts”, said the team representative.

When contacted, Fundesporte stated that the request for assistance in transportation reached the agency after the deadline established by an ordinance that regulates support with airline tickets. And that request must be made at least 30 days in advance, due to the volatile cost of tickets and the need for balance in the contract.

“At no time was the team’s request negative, as we are still doing our best to meet the demand. We asked the entity requesting the support to wait for the balance to be released”, said Fundesporte in a note.

On the occasion, the organization also stated that all the support requested for the realization of the Midwest regional phase of the Brazilian Championship held in September this year in Campo Grande was promptly attended to.

Still with the uncertainty, the team is promoting a “kitty” to guarantee the purchase of 15 tickets for the delegation. If someone is interested in collaborating, the pix is ​​the coach’s email: [email protected]

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