Hard emotional blow this Monday for Shakira

Despite the good professional moment that Shakira is experiencing at the moment, it seems that she is once again suffering a setback as far as the personal is concerned. In recent weeks, Shakira has been enthusiastically experiencing the great success of her latest song, Bzrp Music Sessions #53 .

Together with the Argentine producer, the Colombian has reaped millionaire figures in a few weeks and her fans do not stop reproducing her success. However, this good news is overshadowed by a new personal setback, and that is that the father of the interpreter of I congratulate you is not in the best moment of her health. As Vanitatis points out , this Monday William Mebarak will undergo surgery at a private clinic in Barcelona.

It is no secret that the health of the Colombian father has worsened in recent months. In fact, he is the reason why the singer has not yet headed to Miami, where she plans to settle in the coming months, after her break with Gerard Piqué . William Mebarak’s health has suffered a significant deterioration in a matter of months. In September 2021, the writer celebrated his 90th birthday with a party in Miami attended by the entire family, Shakira and her children, including hers. Now, and unfortunately, his health has worsened.

A few months after said party, William flew to Barcelona with Nidia Ripoll, his wife, to spend a few months with their daughter and grandchildren. However, during his stay in the Catalan capital, his health worsened rapidly, for which he has been hospitalized on many occasions since last summer. Now, he will have to go through the operating room again, as revealed by the aforementioned medium. With this intervention, it is expected that his state of health will improve, at least enough “to be able to pack his bags and go to Miami as soon as possible all together.”

It was in the spring of last year, at the height of the outbreak of the family scandal, when the man suffered a terrible fall that has condemned him for all these months. A piece of news that came to light almost at the same time that the break between the singer and the ex-soccer player of Futbol Club Barcelona was known. Since then, her daughter has been devoted to him, watching over her health at all times. Very often, ‘Shak’ shares photos with his father, where he also tends to see the love that his children, Milan and Sasha, feel for his grandfather.

Mebarak has been in and out of the hospital continuously since he arrived in Barcelona, ​​at the end of 2021. Last October he spent a long time, more than a month, in a well-known private clinic in Barcelona, ​​the same one where he had been on previous occasions since he hit his head in May. Then, the hospital center and the family asked for “respect” for him. He now faces a new intervention, as El Confidencial points out . He is sure that Shakira will be by his side at all times, without letting go of his hand for a moment.

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