Harvest 2022: Las Heras enabled a space to meet the candidates for Departmental Queen

Two weeks after the celebration of the Harvest Festival in Las Heras and with it the election of the Queen, the municipality enabled a space to meet the candidates before voting. This is the page of the Municipality of the Mendoza commune.

In it, people who are internalized in the subject will be able to meet the young woman who could represent all and all lasherinas. The web space shows the photo of the district Queens with their names and the locality they represent.

Under the title of “I met our 12 district candidates” The page shows photos of the representatives who went through a professional photo session set up by the municipality. In the images they are shown dressed in sober colors and delicate makeup.

The queens of Las Heras had three days of training. (Mariana Villa /)

Queens ready

During January, before the Harvest of the department, the municipality creates training for candidates who aspire to the departmental crown 2022. The chosen one will be crowned at the party “Cluster of Heroes”, which will take place next Friday, January 28 at the Parque de la Niñez in the department of El Plumerillo.

The trainings took place in the Malvinas room of the communal building, located in the Center of the department, in an original format. The young women were surprised with workshops and relaxed talks that started from three approaches: Who am I? Who is the other? and how do I relate to the other?

Each and every one of the trainings was led by Hugo Moreno, Deputy Director of Cabinet and Protocol of the Municipality of Las Heras, renowned actor, theater director, costume designer, set designer and experienced in harvest festivities.

  • First meeting, the representatives worked in groups to count their daily activities, in order to uninhibit and get to know each other.
  • Second meeting, the candidates were able live the approach to a first interview, in an imaginary television set where.
  • The third day was called “Magic” since, in addition to receiving a self-makeup class by make-up artist Florencia Fradusco, the candidates had as a central point a very special meeting with boys and girls from the department who were the ones in charge of putting on their makeup.

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