Meet the new villain

Meet the dangerous villain who made his debut in the new Marvel series.

© MarvelMeet the new villain

Hawkeye is here, the new Marvel Studios series that was set around Christmas time where carols and reindeer will not be lacking. Although everything seems to be fine, the production will take a quick turn and show how the archer avenger will have to fight his past.

Although the premise of the series is simple: Clint Barton wants to get to celebrate the end of the year parties with his family, his cruel past as a vigilante will be on the horizon.

There will be few villains who will appear in search of revenge, however, this time Barton will not be alone. Kate Bishop, an archer who will most likely replace the avenger in the future, will arrive to support him.

A dangerous villain appears in this new Marvel Studios series that promises to revolutionize the life of the archer.

Who is the new villain to appear in Hawkeye?

Is about The Clown, a professional assassin played by actor Fra Fee, who will change Clint Barton’s life forever.

In the comics, Kazimierz Kazimiercszak is The Clown, an emotionless killer who is haunted by memories of a past in which he lost his circus family and best friend in a military conflict. He transforms into a hit man hired by the leader of the Tracksuit Mafia to kill Hawkeye.

Although we do not know what will happen to the villain in the series, in one of the trailers we could see how Bishop has to rescue the hero from this antagonist, that will most likely impact the entire fandom.

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