He contacted on Tinder, drugged and raped his victims: they confirmed the conviction of anesthetist Gerardo Billiris

The Federal Criminal Cassation Chamber confirmed in the last hours the 14-year prison sentence to the anesthetist Gerardo Billiris for having supplied drugs and wanted to kill a young woman in 2017 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo and for two cases of sexual abuse against two other women.

The highest federal criminal court in the country ratified the verdict of the Federal Oral Court 8 in relation to the conviction of Billiris for the attempted aggravated murder for gender violence of Belén Torres four years ago, for sexual abuse of another victim and supply of narcotics aggravated by her condition as a doctor in a total of three cases.

The Belén Torres case and the conviction of anesthetist Gerardo Billiris

Belen Torres there was met the anesthetist on Tinder And, after exchanging a few messages, he offered her a job as his secretary. According to the victim, at first he distrusted but later he was able to verify that Billiris was coordinator of Pediatric Anesthesiology of the Military Hospital and the proposal served him.

The day he almost disfigured her with blows, when they finished working he offered her drugs and she accepted even though she did not usually use. After several hours the anesthetist began to convulse, Belén tried to help him and Billiris reacted with excessive violence: he ground her with punches and kicks all over the body and particularly on the face.

Belén, the victim who exposed the anesthetist and took him to prison. (Photo: Facebook).

The girl managed to open the door of the apartment in Palermo and ask for help. Although a neighbor helped her, she fell unconscious shortly after and was transferred to Rivadavia Hospital. She was the one who brought the case to light by sharing photos and a video on their networks exposing the aggression he had suffered from Billiris. But, it turned out that when he made the fact public, he learned that he had not been his only victim.

However, even though they contacted her a score of women who claimed to have suffered similar attacks by the accused, formally there were two cases that were prosecuted in addition to that of Belén.

The conviction of anesthetist Gerardo Billiris

In the case of Billiris, he was convicted of what happened to Belén Torres, Luciana Argüelles and Belén De Mattia.

The anesthetist was sentenced for “aggravated homicide for having been committed mediating attempted gender violence in real competition with the crime of supplying narcotics for personal use repeated on two occasions ”, in relation to what happened to Belén Torres.

He was also convicted of “Aggravated sexual abuse for having mediated carnal access to the detriment of Luciana Argüelles, in real competition with the crime of supplying narcotics for personal use and supplying narcotics aggravated by his condition as a doctor repeated on two occasions, in ideal competition with the crime of facilitating a place for the supply of narcotics to the detriment of Luciana Argüelles and Belén De Mattia ”.

Billiris said that he stole these drugs from the Military Hospital. (Photo: TN.com.ar)

On the grounds of the ruling, Cassation remarked that Billiris obtained the drug that he supplied to his victims and then committed the abuses thanks to his “medical condition”.

The judges recalled in this regard an episode of ketamine consumption in the convicted person’s home, when the substance and the anesthetist and two of the young victims ran out “They went to look for more in the Military Hospital” to continue “consuming alternately with cocaine.”

Billiris was arrested on January 31, 2017 after being denounced in a video and on social networks by Belén Torres, who was beaten and abused when she was with the doctor in her Palermo apartment. Subsequently, the complaints of the other two young women were added.

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