Paco Villa, a famous soccer reporter in Mexico who transcended borders with his voice, has been on everyone’s lips in recent days because he revealed the reasons for his decision leaving Televisa, the historic television network for which he worked for almost 20 years. However, in all that professional discharge, there was a time for the personal.

The journalist, who has been working at TUDN since 2017, took the time in his talk with Javier Alarcón on YouTube to tell how the romance with his wife started, with whom he has been married for a quarter of a century. The funny thing is that, when they were two boys and they began to fall in love, there was a family bond between them.

Villa met Ethel Tame at his home 25 years ago when his father married her mother. Yes, the rapporteur is married to his stepsister, although he assures that this never meant a problem for them or for their family.

Paco Villa, one of the best known TV journalists in Mexican sports. Photo: Instagram.

A very particular love story

“After my dad gets divorced, he remarries a lady, Ethel Bazán, whose daughter is Ethel Tame, now my wife, and the reality is that years go by, we never live together, my dad went to live with his daughters and we by our side“, began the story of Paco Villa, who met his partner in the circle of two assembled families.

However, those who today are husband and wife did not coincide so much at that time despite the fact that their parents were together: “We had gone as a group to the movies, of course we took trips to Cuernavaca together, together I mean the whole family, we spent all of December, Christmas and New Years together, we eventually ate at family gatherings, I ventured“.

Little by little, the desire and the relationship between the two began to grow and the rapporteur decided to try everything at once. He asked him if he wanted to be his girlfriend just the sameor day in which he began to work for Televisa and, although he did not know it, I was beginning to walk a path of fame and great success.

“Ethel tells me that yes, the next day because it was a see you tomorrow because I already had to go, I had to get to Televisa, everything was very fast, we stayed to see each other the next day to have a coffee, we are going to drink coffee and there we agreed that we were going to be boyfriends “, says Villa still in love.

Perhaps the most delicate moment of this romance could have been when the lovebirds communicated to their parents that it was not enough for them to be stepbrothers but that they preferred to be a couple. The right moment was a family wedding that everyone attended, to catch them with their guards down.

“The next day is when we say we have to talk and at the same time that I spoke with my dad, Ethel spoke with her mom and from there to the real, Paco said. All approved because, 25 years later, the flame of love is still more alive than ever.

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