He kills two women in their sleep and stays free

In Gironde, a 19-year-old driver fatally injured two women, hitting their house with his car, while they were sleeping peacefully. He was indicted …

Two women have been violently killed in their sleep, Gujan-Mestras, near Arcachon, in Gironde, on the night of October 9. The drama unfolded in a way as strange as it was unbearable. 19 year old young driver was driving in a drunken state, around 1:30 in the morning, when he built into this house where the two women aged 46 and 48 slept peacefully.
He was driving in a Toyota Corolla SUV that belonged to his father, and first hit a “wooden pylon, then the surrounding wall and the wall of the home, indicates the Bordeaux parquet. A 11 year old girl, who was the child of one of the two victims, slept in another room in the apartment, but she was not injured. After the drama, the little girl was entrusted to a close family member, according to The Dispatch.

The driver, “upset”, was indicted

The man responsible for the accident was accompanied by a 16 year old passenger, who indicated that before getting into the vehicle, both were coming out of a bar de La-Teste-de-Buch, a town near Arcachon.
The driver, “completely upset“according to his lawyer Me Arnaud Dupin, was my in exam October 11 for “manslaughter by driver under the influence of alcohol and driving at excessive speed having regard to the circumstances“. He was placed under judicial supervision, but he is free because not placed in pre-trial detention.

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