With three months of relationship and the romance going on wheels, while they are cautious about the steps to take and analyze the possibility that the Tucu Lopez meet the children of Sabrina Rojas, the brand new couple, far from hiding, exponent their love in social networks and even declare it as soon as they give an interview.

Without going any further, he was the artist of Sex who, in dialogue with Implacables, spoke about his partner and praised not only her beauty but also her personality. Interrupted by Fabiana Araujo, who cut him off to ask how true his button phobia was, the host from Tucumán was surprised to tell how he handles it when it comes to the clothes his girlfriend wears.

I thought I was the only one, but no. Is very crazy. It’s not a phobia, it’s an aversion, I disgust plastic buttons. I have them and can use them when the situation warrants. As I did in PH, we can talk, that I had to dress decent”Luis started in reference to his drama.

“The other day Sabri had a pullover with buttons on her shoulder, which she hadn’t noticed and I was holding her hand because I couldn’t hug her,” confessed the host from Tucumán.

And followed: “It disgusts me, it bothers me. She (pointing to the note) now has nothing, but if she did, it bothers me and I would be pending”. It was then that another of the panelists of the series of shows from The nine she asked him if he told Sabrina not to wear those kinds of buttons.

To which the Tucu confessed: “I am not suggesting it. When we met I told her all about my little problem and she got a kick out of it. The other day he had a sweater with those buttons on the shoulder, which he hadn’t noticed. Me too he was not holding her. I carried it by the hand”.

And I grab her and tell her, I can’t hug you because you have those bad buttons there. Anyway, he lives it, I live it in a fun way because it is my way of getting out of the side of the situation”López closed in terms of the trauma that he carries and which he tries to minimize at the time of their relationship.

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