He says he does not aspire to the presidency to make way for other candidates

Gonzalo Castillo explained this Monday the reasons why he will not aspire to the presidency of the Republic for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) in the next elections of 2024.

Through a statement, the leader of the purple party indicated that at the moment he is dedicated to his work as a businessman, with new ideas, trying to keep the jobs of hundreds of Dominicans.

The former official assured that he concentrates his time on the renewal of the PLD and specified that he is determined to promote, approve and add, with any positive effort to the country.

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Full statement

Dominicans and Dominicans

Many ask me about my position regarding the presidential candidacy for the year 2024 and most of them are surprised when I confess that “I am not in it.” I only ask you to remember my words when I speak to the nation on the night of the elections on July 5, 2020. That night, as I had committed to the country, seeing the trend announced by the Central Electoral Board, I proceeded without delay to recognize the exemplary democratic party of the Dominicans and to recognize the triumph of President Luis Abinader.

In this scenario, and in front of the nation, I also wish the new President Luis Abinader, that God enlighten him to be able to lead us and keep us within the paths of well-being, prosperity and growth that our nation has managed to maintain for almost two decades.

The global crisis of Covid-19 and the prevailing reality today, requires all Dominicans, as well as the rest of the nations of the world, to unite in the immense effort to rescue the health of our people and move forward with the battered economy that has been seriously affected.

Our country today continues to suffer from high levels of uncertainty as a result of the aftermath of the pandemic.

As you all know, much of my life has been spent in the private sector as an entrepreneur. Today, I find myself back in business work, with new ideas, trying to keep our people’s jobs; at the same time we work to create new jobs, so that more, many more, have better opportunities. The party has the leadership and human capital necessary to continue making positive contributions in these difficult times that our country and the world are experiencing.

As a public man, I am joining efforts in two directions, on the one hand supporting the positive renewal of the PLD and on the other, being on the side of the best causes for unity. We also continue to work with the total confidence that I am determined to promote, contribute and add, in any positive effort that is committed to the high interests of our nation.

For all the above and after a period of reflection, I inform you that I will not seek the presidential candidacy for 2024; thus allowing the pre-candidates of our party, who have already expressed their aspirations, and those who can do so soon, to develop, grow and obtain the desired success, working hard and conquering the hearts of the people, with new ideas to continue advancing.

The people love us and value us, the Dominican people need us united for the welfare of our nation; “That is what I am in”, and for that important task they can count on me.

God bless you!

Thank you.

Enjoy Castillo T.

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