Presenter spoke about the veto of the President of the Republic in Vila Belmiro

Neto detonates Bolsonaro and praises Santos: "He should respect people"


© (Foto: Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images)Neto detonates Bolsonaro and praises Santos: “He should respect people”

In the match this Sunday (10), the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, was in the city of Santos and went to the Vila Belmiro stadium to accompany Santos and Grêmio, in a match valid for the Brazilian Championship. But, the politician was stopped and could not follow the confrontation.

The president does not have a passport for the vaccine, a document required by some cities in Brazil for events with a large crowd of people. It is noteworthy that Jair Bolsonaro did not take the two recommended doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

This Monday (11), the presenter and former player Neto, criticized the president’s attitude and congratulated the Santos team for the veto on the politician’s entrance. Furthermore, he asked for Bolsonaro’s respect with other people and that he is not above “good and evil”.

Neto congratulated Santos for his attitude: “Congratulations to Santos, for not leaving the President of the Republic, Mr. Jair Bolsonaro – we have to have respect, but he should respect people, because the rule is for everyone. Without vaccination, you cannot enter in any stadium, even though he is president of the Republic”, said the presenter.

“Congratulations to Santos. Nobody has the right without being vaccinated. And you are no more immune than I am because I took the vaccine. Without the vaccine, we cannot survive”, completed.

In an official note, Santos stated that he was not sought by any team of the president of the republic. Meanwhile, Bolsonaro criticized the protocols in a video shared on social media: “Why card? Vaccine passport? I wanted to see Santos’ game now and they told me I have to be vaccinated. Why is that?”.

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