He survived a bullet in the neck and proposed to his girlfriend in a box of Milanese

Nahuel Pedemonte he spent the last year fighting for his life. The January 23, 2021, was shot in the neck by a former police officer in the City of Currents and, after several hospitalizations, his recovery was miraculous. Lourdes He never left his side, and he decided that 2022 should bring a new air, an injection of hope, a window into love: he proposed marriage to his girlfriend in a very original way.

“I commissioned a Milanese a la Neapolitan with potatoes at the rotisserie, and asked them to write him a little note: ‘Will you marry me?'”Nahuel tells TN. Lourdes’ reaction was recorded in the video that accompanies this note. After the excitement and the hugs, the young man crowned his declaration of love with a gift: the ring for his future wife.

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It all happened last Sunday, and Nahuel says that “at first, she didn’t even notice. He opened the food and threw the lid off the box. When the delivery rang the bell for us, there I took the opportunity to go and look for the ring, which my sister-in-law had bought ”.

“It was a very nice moment. We were drinking tereré, we took a nap, woke up, talked for a while and it was time for dinner. I already had everything planned, but I was still super nervous. “

After being shot by a policeman, Nahuel Pedemonte does not know if he will walk again: “I have all the faith in the world”

The 23-year-old boy moves around in a wheelchair. You do not know if you will walk again: the bullet grazed his marrow and went through his right lung from end to end. “The doctors didn’t tell me anything, but I have all the faith in the world. If I’m super good “, I know hope.

During five and a half months, Pedemonte occupied a bed in the intensive care of the José Francisco de San Martín School Hospital, in the capital of Corrientes. He made a miraculous recovery and was transferred to the intermediate ward, where he spent a month and a half. He was then discharged, although days later he was hospitalized again for another month and a half due to a lung infection. The return home again it did not last long– Re-entered hospital for 15 days due to wound infection.

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“I know that I will be with kinesiology for a long time, but the truth is that I am doing well. I do push-ups, I kneel down. I gained a lot of independence with my arms. They help me to bathe and change ”, Nahuel details about the recovery.

The family is very grateful for the treatment received by the young man. “I want to highlight the dedication and love you received from the first moment. And also highlight the professionalism of the surgery team led by Dr. Aquino. It is an intense, miraculous story and, in all, happy “, he comments Martin, older brother of the young man shot.

He survived a bullet in the neck and proposed to his girlfriend in a box of Milanese

An argument over some dogs led to the brutal attack by a former police officer on Nahuel Pedemonte: “He was a lifelong neighbor”

Victim and perpetrator they knew each other very well. Cyril CommissionerThe 57-year-old author of the attack lived in front of the Pedemonte family in the Molina Punta neighborhood. That January 23, around 8:30 p.m., Nahuel was at home preparing a barbecue with friends, when he saw two dogs passing by the sidewalk of his house and he feared that his pet, a pit bull, would attack them. Then he went out to disperse the animals.

“She is OK he started insulting me for the dogs. I never knew why. I was on the sidewalk, nothing more. With her screams, the husband came out and began to insult me ​​too. He told me that I was disrespecting his wife. I did not understand anything. This man then entered the house, He came out again with a 9 millimeter and shot me “Nahuel relates. And he adds: “I knew him all my life. He was a troublesome person. He had had problems with other neighbors ”.

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Commissioner is currently detained in Penal Unit No. 6 of San Cayetano, awaiting oral trial. The Investigating Court No. 2, in charge of the investigation, gave him the indictment for “aggravated homicide by the use of an attempted firearm,” a crime that foresees between eight and 25 years in prison, according to article 79 of the Penal Code. “I don’t hold a grudge against him. I don’t feel hatred towards him or anything “Nahuel says about the attacker.

Milanesa with potatoes and a ring.  The moment Nahuel proposes to Lourdes.  (Photo: video capture)
Milanesa with potatoes and a ring. The moment Nahuel proposes to Lourdes. (Photo: video capture)

The love story between Nahuel and Lourdes: “I saw her as beautiful, almost unattainable”

His story with Lourdes -22 years old and mother of Sebastián, 4 and the result of a previous relationship- was born in the dawn of the pandemic. “I met her through friends we had in common, but I never thought she was going to give me a ball. I saw her as beautiful, almost unattainable ”, he recalls.

In those days, the meetings between Nahuel, Lourdes and the rest of the group became frequent, “But the Police always sent us inside due to quarantine. Then we ended up at home. We chatted, we played cards, ”he says.

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A couple of Lourdes reactions to stories posted by Nahuel in Instagram They encouraged him to take the step to start a relationship with the girl. “’I’m in charge, just. Total I don’t lose anything ‘, I thought ”. And so love was born.

Nahuel avoided death and has reason to believe. According to him, he owes much to Lourdes: “It was a very important pillar for me. Life will not reach me to thank you. “

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