The driver of the Volkswagen Fox also died from the accident (Photo: TN capture).

A Fernando Edgardo Oest his life was lost without even having time to fight for it. It happened at dawn on Friday, while driving his Peugeot Partner at kilometer 16 of the Western Access, when he was hit by a Volkswagen Fox that was circulating in the wrong direction and zigzagging between the lanes. Oest died on the spot.

He was a native of Morón, Buenos Aires town where he grew up and lived until his last days. On November 14, he used his Facebook account to showcase an outstanding personality trait: humor.

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There he wrote: “57 years ago, on a day like today, it was Saturday and it was hot. Punctual as a glider at the bank, at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, in the now old Modelo Clinic, in the Morón district, he took his first breath of air one of the most attractive male specimens the human species has produced”.

The driver of the Volkswagen Fox also died from the accident (Photo: TN capture).

Then, in the same tone, he added: “My extreme humility prevents me from telling you that it is about me”. Oest was divorced and had returned to form a couple with a woman who in the last hours shared – also on social networks – a mourning image to remember him.

A life dedicated to transportation and politics

The 57-year-old man he was independently engaged in the transport of goods for packaging companies for foreign trade. Before, he was a bus driver between 1991 and 2010 on line 338 of Transporte Automotores La Plata SA Then, between 2013 and 2016, worked for a dealership of Chevrolet located in San Justo, La Matanza district.

Fernando Oest was 57 years old (Photo: Fernando Oeste).
Fernando Oest was 57 years old (Photo: Fernando Oeste).

Among other activities, Fernando carried out various personal ventures. He had a workshop of sausages and painting between 2010 and 2013; He also owned FLCleanner, a space that provided interior cleaning and renovation of vehicles, boats, carpets, upholstery, tapestries and armchairs.

On November 4, Oest used the same social network to communicate the death of a loved one. “I never thought the time would come to say goodbye to someone who was the closest of my friends, my almost brother, my son’s godfather.”

At the end of the message, the man who studied at the Colegio Parroquial Cristo Obrero de Haedo wrote: “One is already at the age where you stop losing your elders, to lose your peers. But it’s something I can’t get used to. Goodbye friend, have a good trip ”.

A few weeks ago, the victim of the incident in Acceso Oeste fired a friend on the networks (Photo: Fernando Oest).
A few weeks ago, the victim of the incident in Acceso Oeste fired a friend on the networks (Photo: Fernando Oest).

His political profile also transferred him to social networks. Both on Twitter and Facebook He lent himself to debate about everyday issues and exchanged all kinds of material to express his position and ideology regarding it. Such was his commitment that in the STEP of September 12 was a pre-candidate for alternate councilor of Morón on the United Republicans list, within the Avanza Libertad space headed by José Luis Espert.

How was the accident in Acceso Oeste

The incident occurred at 4.30 in the morning on Friday at the West Access, hand to the City of Buenos Aires. It happened at kilometer 15,700, at the level of Avenida Díaz Vélez. The first expert reports of the security cameras showed that The Fox entered the artery on Pellegrini street the wrong way and drove along the track making a zigzag.

A driver saw it and managed to dodge it, but Fernando, who was behind, could not avoid colliding head-on with his truck. Another person who was circulating in the right lane managed to capture with his cell phone the moment in which Jesús David Gómez, 36, was driving at full speed in the opposite lane.

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“A madman against the highway”, said who then viralized the images moments before the incident. The case, labeled as wrongful death, was referred to the UFI No. 2 of Morón.

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