The date of ratification of the headquarters of the Central American and Caribbean Games would be known in 2022, not as expected by José Manuel Ramos, promoter of the assembly in the Dominican Republic of that contest.

“We have an assembly on November 25,” said the president of Centro Caribe Sports, the Dominican, Luisín Mejía Oviedo.

The Dominican Republic and Mexico were the only two countries that disputed the venues, but the Mexican nation announced its withdrawal from the fight for the venue on May 15, 2020.

“So far the only option for headquarters is the Dominican,” said Mejía.

Next month “a report will be given on the subject” from the headquarters.

“We are going to decide that next month in November” during an assembly of the body that he presides, he reported.

In the assembly “there will be times” on different aspects, including when the date would be discussed.

“Practically the Dominican Republic has the headquarters,” said Mejía. “But of course, the Dominican Republic has to meet the requirements, which it did, but (it) has to ratify that.”

Olympic award

During the last Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Mejía was designated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to award in three finals of athletics, fencing and weights.

In the first two cases, specifically, the IOC assigned him to award in the final of the women’s 400 meters sprint and the final of the +87 kilograms of weightlifting.

The IOC “decided that the personalities who will carry out the Olympic awards” are chosen by that body, said Mejía.

That clears the doubts as to why he and not other Dominican sports authorities awarded prizes at the Tokyo Games.

“The awards are made by the members of the IOC,” said Mejía.

The selection procedure works like this: They place you for three sports and you can indicate the ones that interest you. “Up to there” everything. When the Games begin, they select according to the performance of the athlete and each leader, and the choice is made without knowing the result of the competition. “When I was chosen, it was not known if Marileidy was going to win or not. They gave me a distinction, they gave me an honor ”, said Mejía.

In the event that a member of the IOC does not have athletes “they do not send him anything, it is not the same for everyone”, so it is not for all members of the Olympic body, “it is for some members”.

“But obviously, the Dominican Republic has to meet the requirements, which it did, but (it) has to ratify that”

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