Health economist: Omikron could very well be contained

Czypionka also considers the rule that you are not considered a contact person if both the person affected and the infected person have worn an FFP2 mask – because they could simply claim that (to the health authorities, note), Czypionka considers the rule that to avoid quarantine.

In addition, the expert pointed out that the contact person rules no longer correspond to the current state of knowledge. It has been undisputed “since Delta at the latest, if not before that” that the corona virus can be transmitted via the air (namely via aerosols), Czypionka referred to the facts. The requirement that you are only considered a contact person if you have been in direct contact with an infected person for longer than 15 minutes under two meters, ignore this fact.

According to the IHS expert, it would be better than a general loosening of the regulation to loosen the quarantine only when a specific deficiency threatens to occur – for example at an electricity company or another critical infrastructure facility. This has already been done in earlier waves – for example, so that contact persons could continue to work in the hospital with an FFP2 mask in an emergency. “What is being done now makes no sense, especially at the beginning. On the other hand, you fuel what you want to prevent.” In schools, too, the easing will lead to “almost all of them closing themselves”, so Czypionka’s assessment.

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