Christian Drosten: This is how we have to prepare for the fall

Not only in Austria, but also in Germany, the infections are currently extremely high. And according to the Berlin virologist Christian Drosten, that could last until around mid-April. “We are currently in a high-incidence phase. And it will stay that way until Easter if you don’t intervene,” said the scientist from the Charité in Berlin in an interview with the weekly newspaper published on Wednesday The time.

Preparation for fall

In preparation for the fall, it must be ensured that effective medication is available for risk patients. With a view to the summer, Drosten also said: “And you probably have to control the infection process with relatively mild measures. Masks in rooms are still one of the most efficient means.” However, young people who have been vaccinated three times can move freely again and, in the event of an infection, also build up immunity for the community. Long Covid is much less common in vaccinated people.
For the winter, the corona expert expects that “very likely” more severe intervention will have to be made. The current immunity will no longer help against transmission in the fall. In general, it will take years to build up community immunity like influenza, Drosten confirmed. One will therefore “have to control the incidences for years to come with relatively mild measures in autumn and winter”. Booster vaccinations in autumn with a focus on risk groups could also help contain the virus. He did not explain what measures might be necessary.

Exit from podcast

Drosten recently announced that he would be leaving the successful podcast “The Corona Virus Update” on NDR-Info after around two years – an episode with him and virologist Sandra Ciesek has yet to be announced. Drosten made it clear that it was a misunderstanding to understand this step as a sign of the easing of the pandemic. “I confess, I was the one who said: I can’t do it anymore.” He needs time for research and for the management of his institute. If major problems arise, he wants to speak up in interviews.

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