Climate researchers: Heat extremes are becoming more and more common

According to climate researcher Stefan Rahmstorf, heat waves like the one currently in India could become more frequent as a result of climate change. “As long as global warming continues, it is clear that heat extremes will also continue to increase,” said the head of the Earth System Analysis department at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). India is currently suffering from a heat wave with temperatures sometimes exceeding 45 degrees Celsius – and that was already at the end of April and beginning of May.

Dangerous Values ​​in India

An end to the heat wave is initially not foreseeable. In India, values ​​are currently being reached “where it is really dangerous to be outdoors for a long time”. According to Rahmstorf, regions in which people can no longer stay outdoors will continue to expand as global warming continues. In addition, India is currently increasingly affected by power failures due to grid overload.

energy transition required

In his opinion, this problem can only be solved by a rapid energy transition. “We have to implement the Paris Agreement so that the whole thing doesn’t get completely out of hand,” warned Rahmstorf. However, he believes there has been a significant shift in thinking around the world since the Fridays for Future movement. “People are beginning to understand that we need to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions now,” said Rahmstorf.

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