Corona positive again despite Paxlovid: Tablets are still effective

The reason for the occurrence of rebounds has not yet been scientifically clarified, it says Gecko Report of August 5th. “However, it cannot be assumed that the cause is the development of resistance under Paxlovid therapy.” The return of symptoms could be part of the Covid disease independent of Paxlovid.

Paxlovid and other available drugs for Covid-19 risk groups have so far been used in Austria with restraint, but they are sufficiently available, criticizes the national Covid crisis coordination Gecko, which is based in the Federal Chancellery. On the demand side, a mediocre level of information among risk groups and changes in testing behavior could play a role, the current report explains. On the supply side, it should also be noted that more medicines are being ordered, especially in Vienna. This suggests that state drug access procedures are a relevant factor.

“In the last report of July 25, 2022, Gecko spoke out in favor of facilitating the procedures for access to medicines in the federal states,” recalled Major General Rudolf Striedinger as Gecko Chairman. “We have acute and likely to continue to have high numbers of infections and cases in the future,” he warned. “Fortunately, effective drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 are available in sufficient numbers in Austria. We should urgently use this to prevent severe cases and hospitalizations.”

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