"Earth Night": On September 23 it says "light off"

Since 2020, the annual “Earth Hour” in March has also been accompanied by an “Earth Night”, which means that on September 23 at 10 p.m. the call “Lights off!” will be issued again, the environmental umbrella organization (UWD) informed in a broadcast on Tuesday. The campaign aims to draw attention to light pollution and its negative effects on biodiversity and human health.

resource light

The environmental umbrella association, the umbrella organization for 36 environmental and nature conservation organizations as well as alpine clubs from Austria, supports “Earth Night” and appealed to politicians to get a nationwide energy saving package off the ground. The campaign for “responsible use of light as a resource”, which is taking place this year on the day of the global climate strike, was launched by the German nature conservation initiative “Godfathers of the Night”. The date falls on the Friday in September closest to the new moon night.

Curbing light pollution: positive for nature, climate protection, health and the wallet “Unfortunately, dark nights have become rare – and that has serious consequences: too much artificial night light irritates nocturnal animals such as owls and bats, kills hundreds of billions of insects every year and fuels the rapid extinction of species The loss of darkness also disrupts people’s ‘internal clock’, which can result in health problems, sleep disorders and depression,” were the arguments put forward by Gerald Pfiffinger, Managing Director of the umbrella organization for the environment, in favor of darker nights.

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